New Files (2019-2020)


Audio Files

Descriptors (2019-2020 ) (NEW)

NEW FILES 2018-2019

اختبارات تجريبيه والاجابات النموذجيه لاختبارات نهاية الفصل الدراسي الثاني 2018-2019

Localized Training 2018-2019

Annual & Unit Plans

Descriptors 2018-2019

Special Classes

NEW FILES 2017-2018

         Lesson Plan

                        Grade 7



Localizing Training (2nd Term)

2nd Meeting (Differentiated Instruction)

3rd Meeting ( Active Learning)-Inquiry-Based Learning

Formative assessment 

Meeting No8 Types-of-thinking-final

Meeting No 9 planning-a-lesson-in-cbc

Meeting No 9 lesson-plan-based-on-active-learning-rectified1

Meeting No 11 reflective-teaching

Teacher’s Guide Grade 6

Statistics File

تعليمات الرصد

النموذج الجديد  لتقييم الكتب الجديده

adult-education-illiteracy-eradication-Marks -grades-6-7-8-9New

Distribution-of-syllabus-inte  2016-2017


New-daily-lesson-plan-g-6-modified 2016-2017

TG-grade-six 2016-2017



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