img-20161018-wa0031Welcome to Al-Ahmadi ELT Supervision Website !

After weeks of work , here it is : the new Al-Ahmadi ELT Supervision website .We took a lot of things into account in the renovation , but the biggest category of considerations has been what you, our visitors, needed . We not only gave you what you asked for, we gave you a whole lot more to enhance your experience of the site .

What we’ve done :

We revamped the look and feel of the site .

We’ve made it easier to find what you want .

We’ve made the website work far better on mobile .

We’re not done .

You’ll see more tweaks and changes over the coming weeks.For one thing, we still have a long list of to-dos of the hopeful and if-time-allows kind.But more importantly, we’ll be paying attention to how the new design is working, we’ll be reading and listening to your feedback, and we’ll be fixing or revising where needed .

All responses welcomed , as always.

Senior Supervisor :

Ms Amal Aljimaz

Site Developer :

Mr. Mohamed Amer

Site Admins :

Mr. Mohamed Amer

Mr. Ashraf Adli


  1. I can’t reward, then I should thank. Let me be grateful to our generous supervisors and senior teachers who always work their fingers to the bone to support us, inform us, teach us, improve our professional growth and most importantly make us happy. You are “the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Thank you very much for the documents you share.

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